Five years ago while traveling in Morocco, I happened upon a bazaar. Stepping into the square, I inhaled deeply taking in the sounds and scents from the trade booths. I stumbled upon a bespoke fragrance merchant and it felt like time was lost. Over tea and scent sampling, minutes turned to hours.

An impromptu friendship borne of a mutual love of perfume and cologne blossomed and we created a suite of 7 unique scents during that sitting. Those scents encapsulated some of my most cherished memories and I was in awe of the power to tell and re-tell stories through scent.

I wanted to inspire others to seek their own pleasures, create their own story, find where these scent profiles returned them to and use them to memorialize their next experiences 

Seek New Pleasures

Our mission is to inspire the wearer of our fragrances to live authentically in search of what moves them and be ready to make any moment a memory.

The Places

The People

The Sounds

The Tastes

The scent of your moments because each one holds the potential for exploration. exploration of self, our global landscape, and each other. We invite everyone to live, play, and discover what that means to them. From the everyday to the unforgettable.